Brick Oven Pizza

What makes the perfect brick oven pizza? Start with the perfect oven. Mountain Ranch House brought in the ultimate brick oven from Italy. Marana Forni is the creator of the rotating deck oven, so being the creator, no oven is better than this one.

Mouth watering fresh pasta

What makes the freshest pasta? Mountain Ranch house believes pasta starts with locally grown semolina flour and a Arcobaleno pasta machine. We brought in an Italian masterpiece pasta machine, making sure we only serve the freshest pasta available. We also offer our pasta for retail sale.  Take a bag home today and make an amazing pasta dish at home. $3.99 per pound.

Our Story:

We wanted to design a restaurant that focused on exceptional food while providing an affordable dining experience. The concept became a restaurant designed with the openness of a ranch house dining room. Our interest in the historic Green Meadow Ranch lead to the theme of the restaurant.

In 1887, the 620 acres that was to become the Green Meadow Ranch was sold to St. Paul and Helena Land Company by Harry W. Child, who subsequently bought it back in 1914. Child contracted with Old Faithful Inn architect Robert Reamer to design the main structures for the ranch.

Green Meadow Ranch history dates back to the 1950's when W.J . Harrer purchased the ranch and ran it as an Angus cattle ranch. "Black Bulls Breed Better Beef" was on a sign in the sale barn seen during the annual uniformity sale. The inside cover of a Harrer uniformity sale catalog dated February 26th, 1954, stated, "SALE at 12 NOON. Plan to have lunch with us at the ranch." The sale was a yearly event, bringing in buyers from across the country for nearly two decades. Livestock purchased at the sale was shipped, freight paid, anywhere in the Northwest. In 1972 Harrer surveyed the ranch into 10 and 20 acre parcels and in the fall of 1972 the Green Meadow Ranch auction was held.

Red Drennen bought the 60 acre home base of the ranch at that auction in 1972, sight unseen as the story goes. Red was a colorful Helena character in his own right and many people have legendary Red Drennen stories to share.

The Green Meadow Ranch was known far and wide for excellence in the Breeding of Black Bulls and is remembered as a place where hardworking people made a living. Owners of the ranch have historically been highly supportive of the Helena community.

The Mountain Ranch House Restaurant is inspired by this history.

Thank you for joining us in our open dining area with the view of our rotating Italian made oven.


"We will have a sale at NOON every day. Plan to have lunch with us."