Our Approach

We take only the finest ingredients, freshest cheese, locally grown semolina flour to create some of the most amazing pizza & pasta dishes. We here at Mountain Ranch House believe that the customer is family, and being family we want you only to experience the best Montana and the Mountain Ranch House has to offer.

Our Story

Starts with a desire to bring delicious food at a reasonable price to Helena. We wanted a place where people will come as guest but leave feeling like family. An open friendly atmosphere that leaves people anticipating their next visit. A ranch style restaurant, where everyone is welcome.

Meet the equipment

In the creation of  Mountain Ranch House we knew in making the finest pizza and pasta was only possible with the finest equipment, so we searched far and wide to find the best Italy has to offer.


Marani rotating pizza oven

Marana Roto Forni oven cooking surface rotates and lifts towards the dome, where the temperature is higher, creating a more precisely cooked pizza. This function also allows to conserve gas during slow times as the dome retains heat. The rotary cooking surface is created from high-density refractory material to ensure a superior thermal “flywheel” effect and is micro-perforated to assure the best possible cooking.


Arcobaleno pasta machine

Arcobaleno pasta machine does it all, making pasta fresh daily, using only the finest semolina flour. The machine makes a wide variety of pastas even stuffing ravioli.


Using the right equipment

To create the perfect pizza you must have the perfect equipment. The Friul automatic dough divider & rounder works continuously making perfectly portioned dough balls into the rounder below kneading every ball to a perfect pizza ball... This assures that every pizza is the same. The Cuppone Pizza Form is a special dough press creating perfectly uniform bases that include the traditional edging.